The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America


By: Matt Kracht
Chronicle Books LLC
Print ISBN: 9781452174037, 1452174032
eText ISBN: 9781452177397, 1452177392
Copyright year: 2019
Format: EPUB
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SKU: 9781452177397
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Perfect for the anti-aviary (or bird fanatic with a sense of humor), this snarky illustrated handbook is equal parts profane, funny, and�let’s face it�true. Featuring 50 common North American birds, such as the White-Breasted Butt Nugget and the Goddamned Canada Goose (or White-Breasted Nuthatch and Canada Goose for the layperson), Kracht identifies all the idiots in your backyard and details exactly why they suck with humorous, yet angry, ink drawings. Each entry is accompanied by facts about a bird’s (annoying) call, its (dumb) migratory pattern, its (downright tacky) markings, and more. With migratory maps and tips for birding, plus musings on the avian population and the ethics of birdwatching, this is the essential guide to all things wings. No need to wonder what all that racket is anymore!


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