The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book


From Chords to Scales and Licks to Tricks, All You Need to Play Like the Greats
By: Marc Schonbrun
Print ISBN: 9781580628839, 1580628834
eText ISBN: 9781605505312, 1605505315
Format: EPUB
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Have you ever dreamed of playing lead guitar like John Lee Hooker, Carlos Santana, Jimmy Page, Slash, and Eric Clapton? Perhaps you took a few lessons, but became frustrated and gave up. If so, The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book is for you. With easy-to-understand instruction, The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book provides you with everything you need to play all your favorite songs. You will learn the scales and chords found in all rock and blues songs, and master the unique techniques that define them. The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book also includes professional tips on: Inflection and phrasing Chord progression Alternate tuning, harmonics, and slide playing Transcription and ear training Equipment, such as electric guitars, straps, amplifiers, strings, and pedalsWritten in plain English by longtime professional guitarist and instructor Marc Schonbrun, The Everything Rock & Blues Guitar Book shows you how to play with your head as well as your hands.


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