The Book of Card Games


The Complete Rules to the Classics, Family Favorites, and Forgotten Games
By: Nikki Katz
Adams Media
Print ISBN: 9781440560149, 1440560145
eText ISBN: 9781440560156, 1440560153
Format: EPUB
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Your Favorite Card Games, All in One Place! Now you can enjoy all the games you’ve always loved–and find new favorites–with The Book of Card Games. From bridge and pitch to war and whist, this timeless collection outlines the rules to more than fifty classic games and a number of entertaining variations. You can reference the exact rules for gin rummy or try a new spin on the game-night staple with Manipulation Rummy. Why not switch it up on the poker table and go all in during a round of Anaconda, Football, or Omaha? You can even have fun on your own with solitary games like Free Cell and Monte Carlo. The Book of Card Games stacks the deck in your favor for hours of entertaining fun with family and friends!


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