Security Metrics Management: How to Manage the Costs of an Assets Protection Program


By: Kovacich, Gerald L.; Halibozek, Edward
Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann
Print ISBN: 9780750678995, 0750678992
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Pages: 352
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Security metrics is the application of quantitative, statistical, and/or mathematical analyses to measuring security functional trends and workload. In other words, tracking what each function is doing in terms of level of effort (LOE), costs, and productivity. Security metrics management is the managing of an assets protection program and related security functions through the use of metrics. It can be used where managerial tasks must be supported for such purposes as supporting the security professional’s position on budget matters, justifying the cost-effectiveness of decisions, determining the impact of downsizing on service and support to customers, etc.
Security Metrics Management is designed to provide basic guidance to security professionals so that they can measure the costs of their assets protection program – their security program – as well as its successes and failures. It includes a discussion of how to use the metrics to brief management, justify budget and use trend analyses to develop a more efficient and effective assets protection program.

– Over 100 checklists, flowcharts, and other illustrations depict examples of security metrics and how to use them
– Drawings, model processes, model procedures and forms enable the reader to immediately put concepts to use in a practical application
– Provides clear direction on how to meet new business demands on the Security Professional


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