New Science of Learning


Cognition, Computers and Collaboration in Education
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The earliest educational software simply transferred print material from the page to the monitor. Since then, the Internet and other digital media have brought students an ever-expanding, low-cost knowledge base and the opportunity to interact with minds around the globe�while running the risk of shortening their attention spans, isolating them from interpersonal contact, and subjecting them to information overload. The New Science of Learning: Cognition, Computers and Collaboration in Education deftly explores the multiple relationships found among these critical elements in students� increasingly complex and multi-paced educational experience. Starting with instructors� insights into the cognitive effects of digital media�a diverse range of viewpoints with little consensus�this cutting-edge resource acknowledges the double-edged potential inherent in computer-based education and its role in shaping students� thinking capabilities. Accordingly, the emphasis is on strategies that maximize the strengths and compensate for the negative aspects of digital learning, including: Group cognition as a foundation for learning Metacognitive control of learning and remembering Higher education course development using open education resources Designing a technology-oriented teacher professional development model Supporting student collaboration with digital video tools Teaching and learning through social annotation practices The New Science of Learning: Cognition, Computers and Collaboration in Education brings emerging challenges and innovative ideas into sharp focus for researchers in educational psychology, instructional design, education technologies, and the learning sciences.


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