Hometown Tales


Recollections of Kindness, Peace, and Joy
By: Philip Gulley
Print ISBN: 9780061252297, 0061252298
eText ISBN: 9780061760327, 0061760323
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Stories from a Place That Feels Like Home Master storyteller Philip Gulley envelops readers in an almost forgotten world of plainspoken and honest small-town values, evoking a simpler time when people knew each other by name, folks looked out for their neighbors, and people were willing to do what was right—no matter the cost. When Philip Gulley began writing newsletter essays for the twelve members of his Quaker meeting in Indiana, he had no idea one of them would find its way to radio commentator Paul Harvey Jr. and be read on the air to 24 million people. Fourteen books later, with more than a million books in print, Gulley still entertains as well as inspires from his small-town front porch.


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