Creating Value in Nonprofit-Business Collaborations: New Thinking & Practice


By: James E. Austin, M. May Seitanidi
Print ISBN: 9781118531136, 1118531132
eText ISBN: 9781118824429, 1118824423
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Value Creation in Nonprofit-Business Collaborations is based on two invited review articles by Austin and Seitanidi that will be published in late 2012 or early 2013 as lead articles in the Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, the leading academic journal in the nonprofit field. These articles constitute the most comprehensive and recent review on value creation in the nonprofit-business collaboration literature. The book will expand on the concepts introduced in the articles to provide the most rigorous and complete assessment of the state of knowledge on the topic as well as practical guidance for generating value through strategic alliances. By spotlighting the co-creation of value, the authors’ focus on, and approach is distinctive. The book will address the central question; how can collaboration between businesses and nonprofit organizations most effectively co-create significant economic and social value, including environmental value, for society, organizations, and individuals? By analyzing the state of knowledge and practice through a focused review and analysis of theoretical and empirical research findings in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business-nonprofit collaboration literature, the book will provide an analytical framework for and a deeper understanding of the interactions between nonprofit organizations and businesses that contribute to the co-creation of value. In so doing, the book strives to be of utility to both academics and practitioners. More specifically, the authors will: elaborate a Collaborative Value Creation framework for analyzing social partnerships between businesses and nonprofits; review how the evolving CSR literature has dealt with value creation and collaboration, and how nonprofits have migrated towards collaboration with businesses; analyze how collaborative value creation occurs across different stages and types of collaborative relationships: philanthropic, transactional, integrative, transformational; examine the nature of value creation processes in collaboration formation and implementation and the resultant outcomes and impacts at the societal [macro], organizational [meso], and individual [micro] levels; provide managerial guidance to business and nonprofit practitioners on how to achieve successful cross-sector partnerships; and identify research opportunities for advancing the collaboration knowledge frontier.


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