Cotton Trading Manual


By: Townsend, Terry
Woodhead Publishing
Print ISBN: 9781855734395, 1855734397
eText ISBN: 9781855734395, 9781845690922, 1845690923
Pages: 510
Format: PDF
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Cotton Trading Manual (CTM) is the first work to provide a comprehensive reference source to the conduct of the complex international cotton market. CTM begins by looking at the history of the cotton trade, and then moves on to assess the current global picture, including a discussion of trends in the market, as well as production and consumption analysis. The third and fourth parts focus on trading in physical cotton and futures respectively. Finally, the last section deals with administrative and management issues within the cotton trade as a whole, such as contracts, insurance and risk management. CTM is an indispensable practical companion for all those involved with trading in this commodity.

Comprehensive reference to the complex international cotton market
Discusses the history of the cotton trade
Assesses the global picture, looking at trends and production and consumption analysis
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9780849395468, 9781855734395, 9781845690922, 0849395461, 1855734397, 1845690923, 9780849395468, 9781855734395, 0849395461, 1855734397


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